I have written and photographed over 50 feature articles for, or had my work featured in, numerous prestigious travel, conservation and photography publications.



Currently working on my first solo book project, my work has also been featured in a number of prestigious photographic books used to raise funds for wildlife and conservation projects.



Through commissions and collaborations, here are some of the companies, non-profit organisations, and publications that I have worked with over the years.

  • African Parks

  • Gorilla Doctors

  • National Geographic Society

  • Zambia Carnivore Programme

  • Luambe Conservation

  • Lion Guardians

  • Anne K Taylor Fund

  • & Beyond

  • WWF

  • Tierra

  • Onguma Private Reserve

  • Remembering Wildlife

  • Primus

  • Brunton Outdoors

  • New York Times

  • Vagabond

  • The Guardian

  • Africa Geographic

  • Travel Africa

  • Biographic

  • Maptia

  • Natural Selection

  • Royal Photographic Society

  • Gitzo

  • Svenska Turistföreningen

  • Wilderness Safaris

  • Lundhags

  • Världens Resor

  • Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

  • Daily Mail

  • Hilleberg the Tentmaker

  • Gorilla Highlands

  • Feed the Children

  • Force For Good Foundation

  • Walking With Maasai

  • GEO

  • Morocco Tourism Board

  • Nu Skin Enterprises

  • LowePro

  • Wild Sweden

  • Viking

  • The Times



Although I tend to be more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it, here’s a brief look behind the scenes of what it’s like to be me (at least sometimes) and how I like to work.